Little Moon XYL Python 357 Revolver

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Little Moon XYL Python 357 Revolver Gel Blaster Gun


Type: Single-shot manual xiaoyueliang 357 Python Gel Blaster operated by hammer and trigger

Metal and ABS plastic body

Metal Hammer, trigger, release, shaft, cylinder, firing pin

Woodgrain effect on the handgrip

6 gel balls capacity ( per shell)

Gel balls are individually loaded into each shell casing, then loaded into the cylinder

Pull back the hammer to cock, pull the trigger to fire

Uses 7-8mm ammo

Up to 100 FPS

Up to 10m shooting distance

Length: 20cm


Package Includes:

1 x XYL Revolver Python 357 Gel ball blaster

6 x shell casings

1 x revolver speed loader

1 x 500 pack of gel balls

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