KELe Colt SAA Peacemaker Manual Blaster

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The Classic Derringer, or more formally know and the Remington Model 95 Derringer, set the standard for concealable firearms at it’s time. The real – steel pistol, that this lovely little toy is based on, was easily carried by the gentleman of the time in a coat pocket, or by the Victorian Ladies of the era in their purse.Discover the Timeless Elegance of the Remington Model 95 Double – Barrel Pocket Pistol, a Classic Derringer. This iconic firearm boasts a design that remained virtually unchanged throughout its remarkable 70 – year production history. Production of the original pistol lasted from 1866, through to 1935, with over 150,000 being made. Explore its enduring charm today.The original, was a single shot weapon, that carried a “spare” bullet in the second barrel. This plastic dart firing replica, discharges both barrel simultaneously, firing the small orange darts up to 12 meters. Once the trigger has been pulled, the toy needs to be reloaded with 2 fresh shells, with the plastic darts pushed in, until the spring inside the shell is locked, ready for the hammer to release, once fired.

KELe Derringer Remington Model 95 Replica Features: Metal and Nylon body Realistic Replica of the Classic Derringer Spring Powered Shells Orange Darts Beautiful red velvet lined display box.


1 x KELe Colt SAA Peacemaker Manual Blaster –

Chrome Plated Silver

6 x Spring loaded Shells

16 x small plastic darts

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