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It's best fitting for the Kublai, Jinming, LDT, CP Alpha King AK, CP105 gel ball blasters etc,.
Greatly Improve the performance of gel blasters and win the competition!
It's Heavier heavy version, and it's been made harder than ordinary gels.
With high tenacity trait and the surface is well frosted!

Colour: transparent
Gel ball size: 7-8mm
Weight: about 80g 
Content: about 6000-7000Pcs water beads gel balls per pack
How to grow: 240ml water for 500Pcs gel balls, soak them for 2-5 hours, the ideal size is 7.3mm
Package: 1 pack or 3 packs of 7-8mm aka gel balls

Note: the 10,000pcs label on the pack is a print issue, actually the aka frosted gel balls are larger and can not be put 10,000pcs into one pack. sorry for the inconvenience

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